Thursday, September 13, 2007


McDonald’s Worker Arrested for Serving Cop Salty Hamburger

‘A McDonald’s worker in Union City, Ga., was arrested and jailed Thursday night for putting too much salt and pepper on a police officer’s hamburger, MyFoxAtlanta reported Friday.

Kendra Bull was mixing hamburger meat when, she said, too much salt and pepper accidentally spilled into the bowl. Bull said her manager was working with her, and continued to make patties out of the meat. Bull grilled and ate one of the over-seasoned burgers for her dinner break and grilled the remaining burgers from the batch. [..]

Bull, who spent Thursday night in jail until she was released on a $1,000 signature bond Friday morning, admitted the burgers were too salty, but said she ate one from the batch and did not get sick. She also said that security cameras trained on the work area and grill will prove that the salt was spilled accidentally.

Bull’s attorney, a public defender, asked the judge to dismiss the charges, but the judge refused.’

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  1. MEM Says:

    People make mistakes on the burgers all the time. I don’t see why the cop has any authority to jail someone for this. This means that I can sue someone for putting too much ketchup and onions on my burger?

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