Saturday, September 15, 2007


Coach Sent Boy Home In Underwear, Mom Says

‘Vickie Hatter is furious and wants someone to explain why her son was humiliated last week during football practice.

The Cincinnati mother said her 10-year-old son’s coach sent the boy home from practice Friday in his underwear.

“He walks in with his T-shirt and his underwear and his cleats,” Hatter said. “He said, ‘Mom, you’ll never believe what Coach Curt made me do.'” [..]

“‘You’re too slow for the team, you’re no good for the team,'” Aucherae said the coach told him. “He told me to take off my stuff and give it back to him, and he said, ‘While you’re at it, take off my pants.'” [..]

“He wanted a pair of pants,” said neighbor Yvonne Workman. “He was upset, and he seemed like he was nervous and he didn’t know what to do.”‘

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