Tuesday, September 18, 2007


CCSU Student Paper Causes Stir With Comic

‘Central Connecticut State University students and faculty said Thursday they are livid over a controversial comic strip featured in the school newspaper, The Recorder.

The comic strip, dubbed “Polydongs,” depicts explicit images surrounding the humiliation and degradation of a 14-year-old Latina girl. The paper printed a disclaimer saying it “does not support the kidnapping of (and subsequent urinating on) children of any age or ethnicity.”

Said CCSU professor Katharine Hermes of the strip: “It’s disturbing that it would appear as a cartoon, suggesting that there’s something funny about this, although I couldn’t find anything funny in it.”

The comic is not the The Recorder’s first brush with public outrage. Last February, an opinion piece was published detailing how less attractive and overweight women “may benefit” from being raped.’

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