Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Report faults sex-offender laws

‘Many state laws targeting convicted sex offenders violate the rights of people who pose little risk, a leading human rights group said Wednesday. It called for repeal of laws restricting where these ex-offenders can live and for curbs on access to online registries.

Human Rights Watch depicted its report, two years in the making, as the first comprehensive study of sex-offender policies in the United States. It said many of the laws are of questionable value in protecting children from sex crimes, but expose offenders who have served their sentences to harassment and violence.

“These are laws that weren’t based on reason — they were based on a few horrific cases,” said Jamie Fellner, director of the U.S. program at Human Rights Watch. “But it’s very difficult for politicians to demonstrate the courage to urge changes in these laws.”‘

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  1. Barry Says:


    Sex offendersare similar to government regulators as the keep repeating their crimes and abuses against society and children. It is amazing this most recent case where a level three sex offender was caught with a 9-year old girl he kidnapped. Her brother also abducted has not yet been found and many perceive he may no longer be alive? What kind of a sicko mind would do such a thing? Well you do not have to look to far, just start profiling government regulators and their city level counterparts; code enforcement officers.

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