Thursday, September 20, 2007


Cut and run: accused US sex offender tries to saw off leg

‘A man awaiting trial on child sex charges in the southern US state of Arkansas tried to saw off his right leg in an apparent escape bid, police said today.

Days before he was due to appear in court on charges of rape and engaging children in sexually explicit conduct, Jerry Scholes sawed down to the bone of his right calf, just above the point where he had been fitted with an electronic tracking anklet, Detective Sergeant Doroteo Delacruz told AFP by phone.

“The speculation is he was trying to escape,” Delacruz, who handled the case for the police department in the town of Malvern, said.

“If he had succeeded in cutting off the leg, he would not have set off the alarm on the monitoring device and he would have had 48 hours before anyone knew he had done it,” Delacruz said.’

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