Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So yeah, guys, my dad and I had a big arguement last night…

‘<JayNiN> So yeah, guys, my dad and I had a big arguement last night…It’s actually pretty fucking awkward.
<SimCard> Yeah? Tell us about.
<JayNiN> Heh, you guys aren’t going to believe this…but anyways.
<JayNiN> So last night, my sister was trying to get her AOL connection shut off (yes, I know…who the fuck still uses AOL?)
<JayNiN> and I decide to go to the regional chatrooms
<JayNiN> 10 minutes in the chatroom, some random guy IMs me and is like "ASL"
<JayNiN> so I fuck around with the guy saying "19/F/WY"

<JayNiN> The guy starts tripping out and is like "omg, I’m from Wyoming!"
<JayNiN> and so I’m like "Oh, really? What part?"
<JayNiN> the guy goes "Cheyenne"…I shit myself. I’m from Cheyenne!
<JayNiN> Out of nowhere, the guy asks for my phone number…so I was feeling a bit mischievious and I wanted to have my sister talk to him and then we would just prank the guy.
<JayNiN> Well, I give the guy my number and out of nowhere he goes…"JAKE!? What the fuck!?"
<JayNiN> I trip out and I’m like "Who the hell are you? And how do you know my name/number!?"
<JayNiN> and he goes "GET THE FUCK HOME RIGHT NOW!"
<JayNiN> It was my dad…’

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