Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dentist, Wife Found Dead, Hooked To IVs At Home

‘John and Martha Hucko were found dead in their Colonial Park Drive home on Tuesday night. Police said the couple had intravenous lines with a barbiturate hooked to their ankles, and Demerol was found near the bodies.

Police said the couple’s daughter called them after receiving a suicide note from her father.

The case is being treated as murder-suicide or double-suicide, pending the results of autopsies and toxicology tests, police said.

John Hucko was a dentist and a former anesthesiologist. He had a dental office on Brownsville Road, and his wife worked there as an assistant.’

One Response to “Dentist, Wife Found Dead, Hooked To IVs At Home”

  1. LadyBrazil Says:

    It has to be said John Hucko was one of the kindest and giving people U could ever know and his memory will always live on in all his friends hearts and his patients mouths 🙂

    I still cant believe ur gone after all this time I still cry when i think about you and the countless hours we all spent together not only as patient/dentist but friends (lol hopefully u have rythym now in heaven (especially since my dentist now SUCKS lol) ….We all love u and have a shot of pink liquid for me atleast one of us will get some rest lmao


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