Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The VERY strange life of reclusive superstar Daniel Day-Lewis

‘For the past ten years, the London-born actor has led a resolutely reclusive existence, locked away on a remote 50-acre estate in the mountains of County Wicklow (hence the former public schoolboy’s recently acquired Irish brogue).

He has emerged to make just four films in the past decade, including his latest role as a violent oil prospector in There Will Be Blood, which won him a Golden Globe this week (hence this rare appearance in Los Angeles), has been nominated for a Bafta, and is tipped to earn him a second Best Actor Oscar. [..]

But the win comes as rumours circulate in Hollywood that one co-star quit the movie in disgust after branding Day-Lewis “crazy and intimidating”. [..]

Visitors to his home – which can be reached only via a narrow track – have revealed how he spends his time obsessively practising his twin hobbies of shoe-making and woodwork, as well as riding for hours at a time alone through the mountains on his push bike.’

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