Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Man Loses House and Belongings on Boastful Bet

‘Xin Liangkun, 53, of Dalian city, boasted on national television that no person could recreate the five-layer ball he spent 10 years to create.

“If anyone can reproduce it, I’ll give him my three-story building, and the collections within it.”

The ball is so amazing because all five balls can turn without touching each other.

It took less than six months for Sun Zheng, a young porcelain amateur from Luoyang city, to step up and challenge Xin’s public boast. Sun created the exact same ball and demanded his prize.

“At first he said my replica had internal noise. So I improved the technique, and created a perfect one. Then he said the procedure must have been different.”

So he took Xin to court. The court ruled that Xin’s TV pledge just the same as if he signed a contract, and ordered Xin to give up the house and belongings to Sun.’

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