Thursday, February 7, 2008


Schoolgirl who filmed herself ‘trying to kill her parents’ is cleared of attempted murder

‘A troubled schoolgirl who filmed herself as she tried to strangle her mother and then stab her father was today cleared of attempted murder. [..]

The girl was remanded to a secure psychiatric unit for teenagers until her sentence. [..]

It was following an argument with her father last February that the girl, then 15, came into the living room from her bedroom at the family’s home.

She had with her a video recorder which she set up on the arm of a chair so that it was trained on her mum who was sitting at a computer.

The girl, described as highly intelligent and theatrical, with a keen interest in film making, drama and writing, had dressed herself especially for the occasion.

She was wearing a seductive strappy silk nightdress for what the prosecution was to describe in court as “the performance of her life.”

She had brushed out her long brown hair and applied make up to make herself look glamorous film star.’

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