Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Pakistan removed from the Internet

‘I cannot let the irony pass with out commenting. A religious state, Pakistan, identifies a content provider, YouTube, as the source of blasphemous, seditious content and orders, King Canute style, that the Internet tides be stopped. A zealous ISP ignorantly decides the best way to comply with the decree is to re-route all of YouTube’s IP addresses to whatever site they thought was more appropriate. The first repercussion was that YouTube disappeared from the Internet for almost an hour. I suspect the second repercussion was that Pakistan’s Internet access crawled to a halt as all of a sudden they were handling IP requests for one of the busiest sites in the world. As of this writing YouTube has announced more granular routes so that at least in the US they supercede the routes announced by PieNet. The rest of the world is still struggling. So, while working on a fix that will filter out the spurious route announcements, PCCW has found it necessary to shut down Pakistan’s Internet access. The leadership of Pakistan just created a massive Denial of Service on their own country.’

3 Responses to “Pakistan removed from the Internet”

  1. paki-boy Says:

    What the hell are you talking about are you out of your mind that would never happen sure the uploading of videos from youtube is slow but wut ur saying is bogus.

  2. paki-boy Says:

    P.s. Im using internet to post this so you really dont need anymore proof that what you claim is false

  3. moonbuggy Says:

    P.S. This news story is dated about three weeks earlier than your post, so you using the internet proves nothing. 🙂

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