Sunday, March 30, 2008


To the guy sailing across Mission Bay with a porch umbrella

‘I suppose you were windsurfing. I’ve never seen anyone windsurf with a porch umbrella for a sail, boldly charging across the bay like a cross between Admiral Nelson and Mary Poppins. I was amazed — you didn’t just sail downwind, I swear I saw you tacking. You, sir, are my hero. I wanted to tell you so, but alas, I was on the shore. I had so many questions. No, I really only had one question (why?) but it seemed like a really, really good question. Every time I went back, I hoped to see you again, Umbrella Man, but alas, I have not seen you since. Should you happen to read this, could I trouble you for the story behind your brave voyage?’

One Response to “To the guy sailing across Mission Bay with a porch umbrella”

  1. Travel Articles Says:

    its so simple … either you’re a great sailor and performer or a stupid entertainer … just joking ..
    you know … i am an amateur sailor … got a small boat
    it’s so hard to tell which direction the wind might be blowing … there are so many to choose from in our place …

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