Sunday, April 13, 2008


Christopher Walken’s lunch

‘One day they’re filming in this big park, and right in the middle of it is this big fountain.

Now each time they finish the scene Walken turns around and just stares and stares at this fountain.

Needless to say that everybody on the crew is kinda used to him doing weird shit all the time so nobody really pays attention to it.

Eventually they get the scene and they call lunch.

The crew marches off in one direction to go eat, but my friend is packing camera stuff away and watches as Walken walks the other way and starts dropping off his clothes as he beelines for the fountain.

He strips all the way down to his underwear, marches right into the water and sinks down to where his eyes are just over the waterline.

My friend realizes that he staring, stops himself, packs up and goes to eat.

A half hour later everyone comes back in from lunch and Greg sees that Walken is still in the water, still at about eye level, wandering around. [..]’

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