Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kids Attack Redheads on ‘Kick a Ginger’ Day

‘Inspired by a Facebook page, kids in Vancouver spent a day kicking and punching redheads for fun, the Vancouver Sun reports. Trouble is, being hit hurts. “I was amazed by the amount of people that kicked me,” said 13-year-old Aaron Mishkin, who figures he was assaulted about 80 times. An online group promoting “Kick a Ginger” day started it all.

The group’s 14-year-old creator, who based the page on a South Park episode, apologized and said it was intended as a joke. But after students went home with injuries and 20 kids were suspended at one middle school, the RCMP is investigating the group, saying it may have spurred a hate crime. “It’s really unprecedented,” one cyber-bullying expert said.’

3 Responses to “Kids Attack Redheads on ‘Kick a Ginger’ Day”

  1. Dan Says:

    that’s #*%!ed up.

  2. the_vegan Says:

    hey buggy it’s vegan from Pier #11. I just stumbled onto your page. It sent me to a picture you’d posted, and yeah then I realized it was your site. How’s life treating you?

  3. Online Cash Advance Says:

    This is very surprising. Bottom line, it was a hate crime and the children should face some serious consequences.

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