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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Two banned from Bathurst after sex toy incident

‘One man has attacked a police officer with a dildo at the Bathurst 1000 motor racing event while another man has been caught wheeling around a television set showing porn.

And both have been thrown out of the the major annual racing event, police say.

A 22-year-old Moss Vale man was arrested shortly after 10pm (AEDT) yesterday after launching himself at a male police officer sitting inside a police car, hitting him on the head with a sex toy.

The officer was not hurt, but the man has been charged with assaulting police.’

We’re a classy bunch of people. 🙂

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


UK Police Accidentally Send Citizens to Hardcore Gay Porn Site

‘We’ve all done it. Someone asks for your phone number and you gladly give it, only to later realize you gave them one number out of order or something and they’re calling some random stranger now.

A UK police department did much the same thing, except instead of a phone number it was a website and instead of reaching some random guy they saw several random guys do some very adult oriented things to each other.

The police department in Sussex, a county in the South of England, was attempting to promote Operation Beat Sweep, a massive program aimed at helping end crime by tackling anti-social behaviour in the community.

To help promote the initiative they passed out leaflets on Operation Beat Sweep. The leaflets encouraged anybody who had further questions to visit the police website at There’s just one problem, the actual URL for Sussex Police is The first URL, and the one the leaflet encouraged citizens to visit, is actually a hardcore gay porn site.’

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Bush Stimulates The Porn Industry With His Economic Package

‘When President Bush announced his economic stimulus in January, he bragged that his package was the “right size” and would “boost” the economy [..]

It sure has led to “higher consumer spending,” but not where Bush had probably hoped. The adult pornography industry reports that has seen a huge uptick in business thanks to Bush’s package. According to a press release from the Adult Internet Market Research Company:

An independent market-research firm, AIMRCo (Adult Internet Market Research Company), has discovered that many websites focused on adult or erotic material have experienced an upswing in sales in the recent weeks since checks have appeared in millions of Americans’ mailboxes across the country.

According to Kirk Mishkin, Head Research Consultant for AIMRCo, “Many of the sites we surveyed have reported 20-30% growth in membership rates since mid-May when the checks were first sent out, and typically the summer is a slow period for this market.”‘

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Judge Presiding Over Obscenity Trial Posts Sexual Images Online

‘The chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals posted sexually explicit photos and videos on a Web site he maintained that he has now blocked to the public, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday on its Web site.

The revelation about Judge Alex Kozinski came as opening statements were under way in an obscenity trial he is presiding over in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Kozinski, 57, told the Times that he thought the material on his Web site, which included a video of a man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal, couldn’t be seen by the public. He took the site down and said he didn’t believe any of the images were obscene.

“Is it prurient? I don’t know what to tell you,” he told the newspaper. “I think it’s odd and interesting. It’s part of life.”‘


Saturday, March 1, 2008


Gay porn twins turn to burglary

‘Gay porn twin brothers have been arrested for a series of rooftop burglaries.

Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney, who starred together in hardcore internet videos, are suspected of raids in at least three US states over 18 months.

They were finally caught after being seen breaking into a beauty salon through the roof.

Police say the pair could be responsible for dozens of similar crimes.

The 25-year-olds have appeared in online gay porn using the names Teyon and Keyon.

Erik Schut, of gay DVDs firm TLA Entertainment Group, said: “They are incredibly good-looking and being identical twins, it’s a novelty.”‘

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Man convicted of sending penis photo by phone

‘A 21-year-old German man has been convicted of sending a photograph of his penis to an unknown woman via mobile phone, authorities said on Wednesday.

“We all had a bit of a laugh when we saw the thing,” said Christian Kropp, presiding judge at the court in the eastern town of Sondershausen.’


Friday, November 9, 2007


2 Girls 1 Cup

You won’t like this video. You may vomit from watching it. 🙂 It’s not as bad as the least safe for work video ever, but it’s getting there.

This is very definitely NSFW.

Also, there’s some reaction videos of other people not liking it aswell. 🙂

see it here »


Saturday, September 29, 2007


Jeremy Clarkson Smokes A Joint

Jeremy has something to say about the border between Belgium and Holland.

(2.0meg Flash video)

see it here »


Rule 34

Rule 34 is generally accepted on the internet. It states: “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.”

This is a whole page full of imagery in that spirit. It may corrupt some of your childhood memories. 🙂


Friday, September 28, 2007


First-class lounge porn download arrest

‘A man has been arrested for allegedly downloading child porn in a first-class airport lounge in view of other passengers.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg said the 44-year-old man had been downloading child pornography in the first-class lounge at Melbourne Airport on Friday.

He was using a free access computer at a desk and was overseen by passers-by.

The commissioner said the man had IT expertise and had been able to circumvent the lounge’s computer firewalls.

His home in Naremburn, Sydney, was searched and a computer and CDs were seized.’


Seized ‘art porn’ owned by Sir Elton John

‘A photograph by a controversial American artist which is part of Sir Elton John’s private collection has been seized by police from a gallery on suspicion it may have breached child pornography laws.

The image, which featured two young girls one of whom was sitting down with her legs wideapart, was taken by the renowned photographer Nan Goldin.

The shot, from the artist’s Thanksgiving series, was to be exhibited at the Baltic Modern Art gallery, Tyneside, this week along with some of her other work. But the day before it was due to be viewed by the public, police came and removed the image over fears that it might be breaking the law.’

Monday, September 24, 2007


Cop is gun-mad Facebook perv

‘A cop has quit after his web profile on Facebook exposed him as a gun-toting pervert.

Fellow officers were stunned when they logged on to the social networking site to see 29-year-old Simon Purcell proudly brandishing an MI6 semi-automatic rifle.

The police community support officer went on to list his hobbies as “making sex toys for all the ladies” and “spying on doggers”. Other interests included “women, masturbation, any order I don’t mind.” Among his favourite films he put simply: “Porn”.’


Vacuum and toilet cleaner sex aid burglar avoids jail

‘A man who broke into his neighbour’s home west of Brisbane and used her vacuum cleaner and a detergent bottle as sex aids has avoided jail.
Jamie Thomas Lacey, 27, was high on LSD and amphetamines when he broke into the house at Millmerran in September 2004.

He pleaded guilty today in the Brisbane District Court to burglary and wilful damage.

The court was told his neighbour returned home on September 29 to find her bathroom in a total state of disarray.

Crown prosecutor Julie Aylward told the court pornographic magazines and clothes were strewn around the room, and that a makeshift sex aid constructed from a Toilet Duck bottle, a piece of wood and a latex glove had also been left behind.’

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Girlfriend Flushes Guy’s iPod After Finding Porn – Then Goes To Jail Over It

‘In Alabama they come down hard on girls destroying your porn. Gina Carano of Birmingham, Alabama spent a few minutes checking out her boyfriend’s iPod while he was in the shower. After a few minutes of of shuffling through it, she found a video of her boyfriend and another girl having a little bedroom romp. Carano, in a fit of rage, stomped the iPod on the floor and then flushed it down the toilet.

Carano went to her boy friend who was still in the shower, slapped his face and told him what she had done. She told him that she had had enough and would never see him again. At least she thought she would never see him again. Two hours later the police came to her house and arrested her for assault and destroying private property.’

Saturday, September 15, 2007


SBS is porn problem in NT

‘Aboriginal women have singled out SBS television as one of the main distributors of pornography in the Northern Territory, says Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough.

As of today, anyone caught in an Aboriginal community in the territory with pornographic DVDs or magazines faces fines of up to $11,000.

People in possession of five or more prohibited items will be automatically deemed traffickers and face up to two years imprisonment.

The bans form part of the second phase of the federal government’s intervention in the NT but critics claim they don’t target problem areas and will be easily undermined.

“Foxtel R rated channel is still by far the major source of porn going into communities and unfortunately the federal government hasn’t turned that stream off yet,” said Robbie Swan from the Eros Foundation, an adult entertainment industry lobby group.’

Saturday, September 8, 2007



‘The company who has been doing billing for our websites is no longar able to accept credit card payments of any kind for bestiality content, and because of this, is shutting down. This company has been our web host and also collected payments for two thirds of our total sales. There is simply not enough money coming in to sustain our operation any longer, and we are in the process of liquidation. If you have been waiting to order, wait no longer. We may be closing sooner than October 31. After our closing, it is likely that this website will never reopen. If we do reopen at some point in the future, we have no idea what date that will be. And petlust will never again sell dvds, even if we are able to open again (it would only sell digital downloads of the movies).

We will not be producing ANY new bestiality movies, so please do not ask about starring in a movie.’

Followup to Petlust Videos.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Porn surfer pleads guilty to indecent act

‘A Winnipeg man caught with his hands full while surfing for porn on a university computer wasn’t going to be discouraged before getting the job done, a court heard yesterday.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of committing an indecent act and three breaches of probation after security staff at the University of Manitoba’s McDermot Avenue campus library caught him downloading porn from a public computer and masturbating on Aug. 4.

Court was told the man made no move to buckle up when approached by security staff and said “I’m almost done, can I finish?”

The man — who was living on the street at the time of the offence and suffers from mental health problems — later told police he took matters into his own hands “all the time” at the library.’

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Quentin Tarantino’s 3D porn

‘Quentin Tarantino wants to make a 3D porn film.

The ‘Pulp Fiction’ director admits he has been toying with the unusual idea for some time, and thinks it would be the perfect next step for the adult genre.

He told Total Film magazine: “Right now it’s still in my mind. But I’ve been musing at what I would do if I could make a 3D porn film! It hasn’t been green-lit yet, as I still have a few things to work out on it!”

It seems Tarantino has been thinking about X-rated films a lot recently.

Earlier this week, he claimed Gwyneth Paltrow would be a terrible porn actress and insisted he would never cast her in an adult movie.

Tarantino said: “I could do an erotic film, I wouldn’t mind doing a women-in-prison or a cheerleader movie. But I wouldn’t cast someone like Gwyneth Paltrow. It would have to be a cool, trampy actress who says, ‘OK, let’s get the cameras rolling – here we go!'”‘


Friday, August 31, 2007


George Bush porn pic fury

‘A British artist spoke tonight after an outcry over his portrait of US President George Bush made from porn magazines.

Jonathan Yeo, 36, defended his work of art in which he cut up more than 100 top-shelf publications to create.

He decided to do it after curators at the Bush Library in America backed out of a commission for him to do a proper portrait.

A spokesman for Republicans Abroad International attacked the artwork.

He said: “This will cause outrage in America. Some people will think it’s funny — but personally I think it is a cheap stunt.”‘


Student cracks Government’s $84m porn filter

‘A Melbourne schoolboy has cracked the Federal Government’s new $84 million internet porn filter in minutes.

Tom Wood, 16, said it took him just over 30 minutes to bypass the Government’s filter, released on Tuesday.

Tom, a year 10 student at a southeast Melbourne private school, showed the Herald Sun how to deactivate the filter in a handful of clicks.

His technique ensures the software’s toolbar icon is not deleted, leaving parents under the impression the filter is still working. [..]’


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


‘Brady Bunch’ XXX Parody Streets in September

‘”Brady Bunch” parody “Not the Bradys XXX” hits stores Sept. 18, bringing back memories of the sweet innocent times of the 1970s, according to the company.

“This movie just makes you feel good as you watch it,” said co-producer Scott David of X-Play, which produced the movie with distribution coming through LFP.

“This is a family-style porn movie, which I’m not sure has ever been done,” said the movie’s co-producer Jeff Mullen. “We live in an era of extremely hardcore sex where double-doubles and reverse bukkakees with anal triple-Lutz moves reign supreme, however ‘Not the Bradys XXX’ isn’t about that, but it is the kind of movie you can show the entire family. [..]

The film also stars Mike Horner playing the sensible father, Alana Evans as Carol the mom, Lynn LeMay as Alice and Ron Jeremy as Sam the Butcher. [..]’


Sunday, August 12, 2007


Teacher resigns after winning date with porn star

‘A Monessen High School teacher resigned after winning a date with a porn star during a satellite radio contest.

The school board voted to accept Jaison Biagini’s resignation on Tuesday.

While listening to the “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show on Sirius satellite radio, Mr. Biagini won the trip last month to St. Petersburg, Fla., to meet with porn star Akira.

Mr. Biagini, who uses a wheelchair, was interviewed on the radio show after returning home. He said that he was ridiculed for his disability and offended by how he was portrayed on the show. He also expressed concerns about his teaching job. [..]

Mr. Biagini, who taught art for 14 years at the school, said he entered the contest because he wanted to win the free trip and visit the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg. He described the date as being “all fake and staged.”‘


Federal Effort on Web Obscenity Shows Few Results

‘Tom Rogers, a retired Indianapolis detective, toils away most days in his suburban home office reviewing sexual Web sites and other Internet traffic to see whether they qualify as obscene material whose purveyors should be prosecuted by the Justice Department. [..]

The grant, about $150,000 a year, has helped pay for Mr. Rogers and another retired law enforcement officer in Reno, Nev., to harvest and review complaints about obscene matter on the Internet that citizens register on the Justice Department Web site.

In the last few years, 67,000 citizens’ complaints have been deemed legitimate under the program and passed on to the Justice Department and federal prosecutors.

The number of prosecutions resulting from those referrals is zero.’

Friday, August 10, 2007


Howard’s net porn crusade

‘John Howard is going to spend $189 million “cleaning up the internet” for Australian families, blocking pornography, upgrading the search for chatroom sex predators and cutting off terror sites.

Every Australian family will be provided with a free internet filter and the federal Government will enter an unprecedented partnership with service providers to filter pornography at the source.

Communications and Australian Federal Police resources will be boosted immediately to expand checks on internet chat rooms to detect child predators, and privacy laws masking sex offenders on the net will be altered.

The Prime Minister unveiled his new net commandments last night on a webcast to more than 700 churches and thousands of churchgoers around the country.’


Sunday, August 5, 2007


Warwick Capper sells own porn movie

‘Former Australian Rules star Warwick Capper is now the star of an X-rated porn film.

The 44-year-old former high-flying Sydney Swan appears in the film with his 25-year-old girlfriend Kristy, News Limited newspapers say.

The 69-minute film has been bought by a Melbourne distributor and could feature on an American website and make up to $1 million, News Limited says.

A confessed sex icon, Capper says it is every man’s fantasy to star in a porn movie.

“I’ve had a lot of practice being a sex symbol, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” Capper said.

“I’ve done everything else, so it’s something a bit different. It’s every man’s fantasy.

“I think I’m Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton. Someone also said I’m like David Beckham.

“I’m a good looking footballer with the same quick wit.”‘

Followup [kinda 🙂 ] to Former AFL star to run for mayor.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


My Brother, Gay Porn Distributer

‘My brother is in his early twenties and while we don’t live at home anymore, our bedrooms are pretty much the same for if we return home in the holidays to visit. My brother does return home a fair bit whereas I work and therefore don’t have the same freedom to leave for a few weeks. My Mum likes to keep our rooms clean for us, and recently my mother was tidying up my brother’s room and lifted up the mattress to clean underneath and discovered a pile of DVD’s. These DVD’s were blank, with titles written on them, so they had obviously been burned, not bought.

Mum inspected them.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.

Her eyes grew wide.’

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Nigerian pupils browse porn on donated laptops

‘Nigerian schoolchildren who received laptops from a U.S. aid organisation have used them to explore pornographic sites on the Internet, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported on Thursday.

NAN said its reporter had seen pornographic images stored on several of the children’s laptops.

“Efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials,” NAN said.

A representative of the One Laptop Per Child aid group was quoted as saying that the computers, part of a pilot scheme, would now be fitted with filters.’

Friday, July 13, 2007


Geek Squad Hatched Plot To Harvest Porn From Pornstar

‘At my store, searching and copying files was not a common practice at all. We were the good guys of the district. One day, however, a gorgeous woman walked in with her computer complaining of her PC locking up when she went to use her webcam. She refused to give us her website so we knew something was up. She authorized us to do a tune-up to remove unneeded files and update her to SP2. During the cleanup process, we saw that her Norton Protected Recycle Bin was consuming 12gigs of files. [..]

So how about that? Not only did the techs steal porn from a customer…they forfeited the revenue from a new computer AND from an on-site visit for the sole purpose of getting more porn.’


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Porn And Its Relation To Your Social Life


Sunday, July 8, 2007


“A Porn Star Stole My Name”

‘Lara Madden is a 25-year-old porn movie actress who uses the stage name Syvette Wimberly when starring in films like “Anal Camera 19.” While Madden’s professional alias is catchy and distinctive, the name is identical to that of a former Texas high school pal of the X-rated performer. As a result, Kristen Syvette Wimberly, 25, has filed a lawsuit against Madden and the porn distributor Vivid Entertainment for the misappropriation of her name. In a June 26 complaint filed in Harris County District Court, Wimberly notes that she and Madden became friends after meeting at the beginning of ninth grade in Kingwood, Texas. That friendship, however, “ended due to conflict,” according to the lawsuit, a copy of which you’ll find below. The complaint adds that Madden (who is pictured at right) married while in high school and did not graduate with Wimberly, who lost contact with her former friend. Until recently, that is, when Wimberly discovered that, “there was a woman appearing in multiple explicit pornographic videos” using her name. Wimberly soon learned, the lawsuit reports, that the porn actress who boosted her name “was her former high school friend Lara Madden.” The porn star, Wimberly alleges, deliberately chose to use her name, despite realizing that it would cause “extreme embarrassment and unsubstantiated association with the pornography industry and other consequences.” [..]’