Friday, July 8, 2005


The Meaning of Deep Impact

‘Every journalist and commentator assured us that comets harbor the pristine material from which the Sun and planets were born. They even gave a date for the primordial birth of comets — 4.5 billion years ago. Was it really 4.5 billion years ago? No, some said it was 4.6 billion years ago. Well, how did they arrive at such extraordinary knowledge? They delivered their descriptions and dating of comets because NASA scientists gave these “facts” to them. So how did NASA scientists know these things? The answer is that they have never known these things. These “facts” are mere guesses, and they are no longer intelligent guesses because they are rooted in archaic science from before the space age. The picture has changed completely with the discovery of plasma and electricity in space. But somehow, due to the nature of education and research funding today, the original guesses were permitted to harden into ideology.’

This is from people who favour the electric cosmos theory of the universe. It’s interesting stuff. I hope they’re right, because somehow I’d be greatly amused if the whole science of astronomy was fundamentaly flawed. 🙂

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