Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Was a `Bomber’ Superimposed?

`As Peter Kofod wrote,”Take a look at this photo of the four alleged London bombers.” [..]

“At first, (almost) everything looks fine, but look closer… look at the guy with the white hat… check out his left arm (HIS left arm)…. the lower of the rails of the railing is IN FRONT of his left arm… where of course it shouldn’t be! I’m NO image specialist, but this sure looks ridiculous. I’d say itīs a fake.”

The CLG has also inspected this image. “The white-hatted man was apparently superimposed onto the photo. Not only is his arm ‘behind’ a railing that is supposedly several feet behind HIM, but also, upon magnification in Photoshop, part of the bar actually goes into his head. This was ‘touched-up,’ but pixels of his head mix unmistakably with pixels from the railing.” –Michael Rectenwald.’

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