Saturday, August 6, 2005


Man falls twice from multi-storey

`A 30-year-old Darwin man is recovering in hospital after falling twice from a multi-storey building – the second time on his head.

It appears the man was scaling the building after locking himself out.

In his first attempt to climb to his upstairs unit about 4am (CST), the man fell from an unknown height on to a car parked below in Finniss Street.

“His fall was cushioned by landing on the car roof that smashed the windscreen,” said Senior Sergeant Andrew Cummins, from Darwin Police.

Undaunted, the man tried to climb the building again and it was believed he had reached the third floor before again falling.

“Unfortunately, the second time he landed on his head and was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital suffering head injuries,” Snr Sgt Cummins said.’

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