Wednesday, September 14, 2005


New Orleans strip joint wants to get back to work

`There’s no water for the “wash the girl of your choice” service and there aren’t any girls either, but Big Daddy’s strip club on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street is getting ready to bring back erotic spectacle to the devastated city.

[..] Big Daddy’s general manager, Saint Jones, and a band of helpers defied an evacuation order by arriving to clean up their premises in the historic French Quarter, which escaped largely unscathed from the floods.

[..] Jones, a corpulent man with a strawberry blond beard wearing a black t-shirt reading “I’m smiling because they haven’t found the bodies yet,” foresaw few problems getting strippers.

“It shouldn’t be too hard. Everyone’s going to come back in town and want to work. You know, if you’ve got 50 dancers in Houston and they’re not making money, they’re going to spread out,” he said.’

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