Friday, December 16, 2005


A macabre discovery for gas man

`A utility worker who came to shut off the gas to a Bloomfield house discovered the body of a long-dead woman in the home she shared with her disoriented bother, who told the worker his sister was merely resting, authorities said. [..]

When the dead woman’s brother opened the door, the PSE&G employee explained he would have to pay the gas bill or have the gas shut off.

The resident then invited the worker in, saying, “Let me check with my sister, she’s lying down right now,” Behre reported the man saying.

There was a strong odor in the house, and the woman’s body was lying on the dining room floor. [..]

Neighbors told police the siblings were regularly seen walking to a nearby grocery store. Police believe the woman has been dead for about six months because neighbors told authorities that she had not been seen outside since the summer.

It was about that time that a gas bill was last paid, Behre said.’

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