Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ten predictions for the new year

  • `Citing a tip in a confidential e-mail dossier entitled Fwd: Lol guyz check this out!1?, Rupert Murdoch will acquire acclaimed Internet inventor Al Gore.
  • AOL, after months of extensive market research on the effects of the walled garden model on the distribution and consumption of interactive media, will rotate its logo by another 90 degrees. Chairman Dick Parsons will boast that the new logo reflects the new direction of our company, but founder Steve Case will make an impassioned plea in the New York Times to break up the logo into a circle and three triangles.
  • Although 37 venture capital firms will invest in AOL following the announcement, the blogosphere will scoff that AOL is only for people who know nothing about the Internet. Rupert Murdoch will thus acquire the company immediately, then merge it with his other recent acquisition to create online powerhouse AOL Gore.’

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