Sunday, January 8, 2006


Table for eight please – and make it snappy

`The table seats eight people and is powered by a 400cc Honda motorcycle motor which Mr Macdonald said could easily get the table clipping along at 100km/h.

The gears are located on a foot rail and the handle bars sit under the table-top – requiring a bit of steering skill as the driver sits facing forward as the table moves sideways. The wheels are similar to those on a ride-on lawn mower. [..]

Police were called to Orewa last Friday to reports of the motorised picnic table doing “wheelstands” in a local reserve.

“This is probably a first,” said Inspector Les Paterson.

Mr Macdonald, who also brought the world the motorised bar stool, said some friends were doing a few skids on the reserve and police were called.

“They were cool about it and said ‘don’t be stupid and have a good time’.”‘

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