Thursday, February 9, 2006


Gang Stories

`Welcome to Gang Stories. The site was originally launched in Summer 2003 as a fiction blog. After it got attention (see here), and a couple hundred emails I killed the site to rethink the project.

After some consideration, Gang Stories was relaunched in April 2004. This time without the fictional disclaimer.

For better or worse, these are my stories, along with a generation of urban kids who grew up like me. Through a series of lucky breaks I made it to college and started a new life in a new city. With these stories, I try to reconcile a past of west-coast ghetto culture with a new life as an east-coast professional.

Poor kids can get out of the ghetto. But something’s lost also. You abandon an old life for something better, but never really fit in the new one. We’re stuck somewhere between. The goal of Gang Stories is to show that.’

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