Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Man flogs wife’s box on eBay

`You know how it is: you’ve got a 30-inch cock but your wife’s box is only six inches. The only intelligent solution is to offer the box for sale on eBay, as this Wisconsin vendor attempted to do [..]’

eBay apparently keeps pulling the auction because it contains profanity, but the latest attempt is here: I’m selling my wife’s box 3rd try w/can no profanity!!

`I’m selling my wife’s box, I tried to before but ebay pulled it. I’m selling her box because as you can see from the pictures, my cock doesn’t fit in her box. If I try and shove it in any further I will tear her box and she doesn’t want that. We have tried in the past to get rid of her box but have had no luck. She gave her box to the neighbor twice, but he returned it. Then she tried to give it to the mailman, but he said he rather have my cock. Please help us out. I will ship her box to anywhere in the world. I will only charge up to actual shipping cost. My cock is only pictured as a reference and not included. The box measures about 6 inches tall and 4 3/4 inches wide and deep.’

He’s throwing in her can aswell now, because the head of his cock won’t fit into the hole of her can.

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