Tuesday, April 11, 2006


David Copperfield Revealed

`Everyone knows how this trick looks! David goes up in the air above the stage, soars above it, turns over, flies through the rings and in the closed glass box and in the end flows in the air with a girl in his hands.

People have been trying to reveal this mystery for many years, there have been a lot of interesting suppositions and they keep coming; the most popular version is the hauberk made of magnets, which David wears under his sweater; and there is a special device under the stage with the help of which Copperfield leaves the floor and goes a couple of meters up. Some even think, that David hypnotizes the whole audience during this trick and people simply don’t notice, that his assistants almost carry him with their bare hands. Of course, all of these versions are false and even amusing.

In this article we’ll go through David’s Flying from the show, called “Flying: live the dream.” If you have the video of this trick, please, prepare it for viewing; if not, you can find some fragments of it in this article.’

goes to the Google cache, because the original page has “magically” vanished. 🙂

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