Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Sex with humans is boring.

`Hi, people.
I have happy news for everyone in Reykjavik (Iceland) needing a shag!! I havent seen them yet with my own eyes but experts in my field (well in seeing elves, Im not sure about their expertese in the sex thing) have spotted a whole lot of elves behind Al■ingi (the Icelandic Parliament). They are apparently protesting because a lot of their homes are beeing destroyed, both in the making of Kßrahnj˙kar power plant and other big buildings. So if you like to do it in public, that is the right place to go, just note that sex in public with an invisible person might look even weirder than just having sex in public.’

One Response to “Sex with humans is boring.”

  1. m.c. happy elf Says:

    that would be the hottest porn ever, it would start a revolution in goth porn groups everywhere, lol. that would be cool as hell though, invisible fisting…… is a cool trick senior
    (thank you jeff dunham…. and jose jalape├▒o )
    but just imagine some chick laying on her back in the cold icelantic landscape with her pussy convulsively widening and tightening around and invisible fist, that would rule

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