Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Taking the p out of PM snow joke

‘Sunrise co-host David Koch knows all about piss takes … but there’s one he wishes he hadn’t got involved in.

The TV star has been forced to apologise for retelling a viewer’s joke on air involving John and Janette Howard and a message written in urine in the snow. [..]

The network even got a call from an irate Government minister offended by Koch’s telling of the gag during yesterday’s Joke of the Day segment at 6.50am.

Even his on-air colleagues looked frozen by the time he came to the end of the joke, until co-host Natalie Barr gave an awkward laugh.

“I think that’s actually … Did you vet that with anyone before you … ?” a stunned Barr asked.’

Update: now with video.

(3.9meg Flash video)

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