Friday, December 8, 2006


Millions wasted on gov’t credit cards

`A number of Ontario’s public sector workers can’t account for millions in charges on taxpayer-funded credit cards, the province’s auditor general finds. [..]

The report highlights include:

* A litany of spending abuses at the Children’s Aid societies, including all-inclusive trips to Caribbean resorts and questionable overtime. (One employee was paid $21,000 to catch up on paperwork);
* $127 million charged to Hydro One credit cards without receipts. (One secretary charged $50,000 in goods that went to her boss, who signed the expenses);
* $6.5 million charged on Ontario Power Generation credit cards without any receipts;
* 300,000 more OHIP cards than Ontarians;
* Teachers and staff at four school boards charged thousands for questionable lunches, trips and gifts; and
* Workplace Safety Insurance Board patients receiving quicker access to high-tech diagnostic exams than non-WSIB workers.’

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