Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I sold kidney to buy a TV

‘As Mariana Todorova stares at the ugly scar running down her side, her eyes fill with tears.

It is an agonising reminder of how organ traders tricked her into selling her kidney.

Now Mariana is ill and ashamed at being conned into losing her organ for just £689. [..]

Last night Mariana, 27, said: “I wanted to buy a home and clothes for my two children. All I got was a colour TV. We have nothing. I was desperate but I was tricked. [..]

“Every day I look down at the eight-inch scar and I�m reminded I sold my kidney. I have cried and cried with frustration.” [..]

Mariana is one of an ever-growing number of victims preyed on by organ traders who are selling body parts to the wealthy.’

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