Thursday, January 25, 2007


David Hicks: the government needs a verdict of Guilty

`Mr Ruddock continues to assert that the Australian Government is doing all it can for David Hicks, and that it is working to ensure safeguards are in place for him to be given a fair trial. It is, however, difficult to imagine an outcome that could be more politically embarrassing or damaging for the Government than for David Hicks, after all this time, to be found not guilty of the charges suggested. It is surely of major importance to the Government now that he be tried and convicted of serious offences, and before this year’s election takes place.

All the evidence suggests that far from receiving anything like a fair trial, Mr Hicks will be charged and tried under procedures amounting to a kangaroo court of the most noxious kind. The fact that our Government continues to support this travesty gives the community every justification for reassessing the Government’s publicly stated view. In reality, it wants Mr Hicks convicted, and as soon as possible.’

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  1. Marlene Says:

    Bring David Home campaigners will converge on the federal Parliament for its opening Tuesday 6 February 2007. Our aim is to make justice for David Hicks the number one issue on the national political agenda.

    From 11 am elected representatives will be invited to address the crowd outside the Parliament and say how they stand. After the Parliament assembles the campaigners will take their demands to the US Embassy.

    For more information phone Marlene on 0401 758 871 or Raul on 0403 037 376

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