Thursday, February 1, 2007


Man, Yoda the dog travel on riding mower

‘Joined by his dog Yoda, Paul Woods travels by day and sleeps in a tent at night. His vehicle: a riding mower. “You’ve got to be pretty strange and pretty weird to be driving a tractor mower across country,” Woods, 44, said. [..]

Woods’ ultimate destination is Virginia, where he claims his late mother left him a house. He said he took care of her in Alaska until her death.

Woods said he left Alaska in 2005 and has been riding his mower or getting rides from sympathetic pickup drivers who hoist his vehicle in the back of the truck.

The mower’s maximum speed is 15 mph, but it’s weighted down by tools, snacks and the dog. [..]

“This is not cold,” he told the Herald Journal. “Alaska can be cold. … You have to wear goggles or your eyeballs will freeze.”‘

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