Friday, August 3, 2007


Chicha Morada – Peru’s purple drink

‘One of the things you get no hint about before you come to Peru but then you find everyone assumes you should know about it once you are here is Chicha Morada.

Any restaurant in Peru will offer this deep purple colored beverage and the natives drink it like a southerner can imbibe Iced Tea. And, after you try it and get used to it’s taste, you’ll admit its damned refreshing. [..]

The drink is made from dark corn that is allowed to soak with the peelings of a large pineapple. Peruvians will use the ‘meat’ of the pineapple for a dish then save all the exterior cuttings as well as the core to use in this drink. Although the drink includes sugar, the pineapple adds a sweet zing to the drink that really sets it apart.’

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