Friday, August 3, 2007


Study: Laser printers may pose health risks

‘Emissions from office laser printers can be as unhealthy as cigarette smoke, according to an Australian professor who is now calling for regulations to limit printer emissions.

Office workers breathing easy since smoking was banned in public places in the United States and the United Kingdom have new reason to worry, according to research from the Queensland University of Technology’s Air Quality and Health Program, led by physics professor Lidia Morawska.

The average printer releases toner particles that can get deep into the lungs and cause respiratory problems and cardiovascular trouble, according to Morawska’s team, part of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health, and specialists in atmospheric particles.

The team tested 62 laser printer models–all relatively new–and found that 17 of them were “high emitters” of toner particles. Despite using similar technology, office photocopiers do not emit particles, the team found. ‘

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  1. MRE Says:

    I have suffered a devastating respiratory condition due to the cocktail of dozens of irritant vapours released by these office machines in my job. It was diagnosed as bronchial hyperreactivity and multiple chemical sensitivity, which means I cannot stand any chemical in the air, including perfumes and airfresheners which are now most offensive for me. My illness has not been officially acknowledged as of occupational origin although there are more similar cases around the world usually misdiagnosed as psychosomatic or anything.

    Anyone reading this message is requested to spread the word because there are influential interests hindering the open release of information concerning persons actually going ill because of these office machines. If anyone knows of other cases of persons suffering obscure symptoms and syndromes never well understood who might have been breathing the concentrated vapours of these machines you are also requested to please leave message here for further comments and follow up.

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