Sunday, August 5, 2007


Cannibal confession of would-be EU immigrant

‘A would-be immigrant to the European Union is reported to have confessed to cannibalism to stay alive after his boat lost power and drifted for weeks in the Atlantic.

Two other passengers were killed after they were driven mad by thirst and hunger, he said. [..]

Half way into the two-day journey the vessel started drifting after the engine failed, and two days later their food ran out. They were unable to catch fish or seabirds, and with no rain had to drink seawater.

“The thirst and hunger was unbearable,” said Mr Kaindil, 30. “I was just getting thinner and thinner and thinner.”

Two of the group went insane and, after they started assaulting the others, the captain waited for them to fall asleep before throwing them into the ocean to die.’

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