Thursday, September 13, 2007


Cancer doubt remains over mobiles

‘The long-term cancer risk of mobile phone use cannot be ruled out, experts have concluded.

A major six-year research programme found a “hint” of a higher cancer risk.

But the UK Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHRP) did rule out short-term adverse effects to brain and cell function.

Researchers are now expanding the programme to look at phone use over 10 years, and the specific impact on children, which has not been studied.’

2 Responses to “Cancer doubt remains over mobiles”

  1. Dr Jeff Aitkin Says:

    I think i may have mentioned this before but I feel it is very related to this article. Personally, from what i have read of the findings of this and other cancer causation research there may never be a definitive conclusion because there are so many variables at play and over an extended period plus with so many environmental factors it’s nearly impossible to get a control group for the research.

    I have been monitoring a breast cancer support group in my city for a few years now which provides emotional support (great strength is found in the friendships these ladies have) and regular physical exercise and the results are definitely apparent. As part of the group support and research programme a series of double blind trials have been completed on an immuno enhancement combination therapy which your readers may find of interest. There are some details on

  2. Cancer survivor Says:

    well as long as I know there are no long-term cancer risk from mobile phone. I am using my phone from past 8 years and I carry it 24X7. But I didn’t get any sign or symptoms of cancer.

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