Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Woman Says Dying Pig Caused String Of Traffic Accidents

‘A woman who crashed her vehicle into five cars in three separate accidents says she didn’t stop because she was rushing her pot-bellied pit to the veterinarian.

Deborah Angiolillo left a trail of smashed cars and trucks across Palm Coast Wednesday afternoon. She first struck a vehicle in a parking lot. Deputies say Angiolillo left that scene and drove to the intersection of Cypress Point Parkway and Palm Coast Parkway where she hit the back of an SUV. Reports show she shifted into reverse, hit yet another car, and drove away.

She ended up at a second intersection where deputies say she hit a pick-up truck, which hit the car in front of it. The impact of that wreck threw Angiolillo’s car into another car’s path. [..]

Angiolillo was taken to the hospital but first told deputies that her pot-bellied pig was dying and needed emergency care. Deputies searched the scene but didn’t find a pig. Angiolillo was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act which allows law enforcement to hold people for psychiatric evaluations.’

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