Thursday, October 18, 2007


‘Twins drown in school toilet’

‘Shocked Grade 11 pupils watched as two girls allegedly helped a 19-year-old classmate deliver twins before attempting to flush the babies down the school toilet. [..]

The babies allegedly drowned instantly in the gushing toilet water but did not go down the drain.

A pupil who did not want to be named said the heavily pregnant girl walked out of class and headed for the toilets.

“Her friend followed. After a few minutes she came back in a hurry to call another girl in the classroom. My friend who is in the same class said they did not know what was happening but they could see something big was going on.

“She said about 20 minutes passed and then she decided to go and see for herself what was happening. She allegedly bumped into a teacher carrying a bundle wrapped in a cloth on her way from the toilets,” the pupil said.’

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  1. Mitch Says:

    That girl is fucked up. What a strange story.

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