Thursday, January 10, 2008


Iraqi soldier ‘killed US troops’

‘An Iraqi soldier has opened fire on American troops, killing two and wounding three others, US and Iraqi officials have said.

The incident happened during a joint patrol in the north on 26 December, but fuller details have only now emerged.

An Iraqi general said the patrol had come under fire from gunmen in the city of Mosul, but his soldier had “abused” the situation and shot the Americans. [..]

He said the Iraqi serviceman had been “an insurgent infiltrator”. He was arrested and is being questioned.’

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  1. L Says:

    There is some conjecture about what is the true story here.

    Reuters reports that the Iraqi serviceman flipped after witnessing the two US troops beating a pregnant woman… He asked them to stop and, when they failed to do so, opened fire.

    I guess we will never know what really happened.

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