Monday, January 28, 2008


logic test

‘Test your own logic – complete our online test below to get your ranking. Read the following premises, and then specify whether or not the arguments are valid or invalid. Then press the “submit” button to get your results.’

14/15 for me.

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  1. Logic flaws Says:


    I just wanted to comment after viewing the logic test… to score 14/15 one has to miss at least 2 items..

    Not sure which one you were told you missed, but on the answers page there are logical flaws.

    Take the last assertions and conclusion… That was the one about the composition of water H2O, every observation so far has shown this… The word predict means:foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason… therefore: To use past observation, experience, and even scientific reason, all of which are based on PAST data, to conclude what water will be made of in future observation will result in VALID, not INVALID..

    to the conclusion: Therefore we can predict that every future examination of this molecule will reveal the same chemical composition.

    Translation Therefore we can (use past knowledge) that every future….

    The first two assertions do not regard future and although the conclusion uses the word future, the word predict references the past.. only future is whit it might be used..

    Also the word CAN is used.. which does not mean WILL… it is only a possibility..

    Also, if any molecule is ever found that acts like water but has another atomic makeup: IT WILL NOT BE CALLED WATER… so the authors statement that: “There is nothing that could logically prevent this possibility occurring so the argument then becomes invalid.” is absolutely false… It is logical to say that any similar molecule found, that is not exactly the same, WILL NOT be called water, so “this molecule” will always VALIDly be formed of the same elements.. H2O… The conclusion requires the SAME molecule… not some other molecule…

    It says this molecule, not a water molecule found in the future…

    Some people just don’t think things through completely..

    And as for all ducks bark… Google Muscovy duck…

    They are not quackers.. they hiss.. and females can squeek..

    Any that seem to quack will be found to be crossbreeds… or extreme throwbacks in genetics.. bred back to a normal Muscovy, the offspring will not quack…

    My $0.02 worth..
    Logic Flaws and Doggie Paws

  2. moonbuggy Says:

    I tend to agree with you on the water one. 🙂 But I have years of chemistry education, and am probably somewhat biased [in terms of the logic test] by that. Heh. 🙂

    I’d like to bread a duck than can moo. Then we’ll see about those logic tests. 🙂

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