Monday, January 28, 2008

‘Looking for a great gag gift? Has some one really pissed you off? Don’t get mad, GET EVEN. Send that special some one a big stinky pile of shit.


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  1. Scammed Says:

    re: aka

    This website is a scam. Do not use! My sister placed an order back on July 23, 2008. It is now Sept. 23, 2008 and the order still has not gotten there. I have sent email after email and they’ve done nothing but lie and blame it on a zip code error. I was told on Sept 11 that they would resend the package. And, of course, it never arrived. They say to expect delivery in 3-4 business days. The zip code error is being blamed on my sister. I don’t think that, even it it was her error, it would prevent the package from eventually arriving at the correct address. Here is an email I received from their rude “customer service” rep.:

    “sorry it’s hard to respond right back to all the emails we get. the whole
    problem from the beginning is that this is your order
    11974 gor1gal 2008-07-23 this is taken right off the site and feed into the label maker. it’s done
    that way so there are NO typo’s. You or your sister put the wrong zip code
    on it, that’s what happened, once that happenes it is a huge pain to try
    to track down 1 individual order and try to figure out what happened.
    that’s why when you screw it up it’s not our fault and we do NOT resend an
    order. it’s just now worth the amount of time it takes to find it and get
    it back in the system without screwing up the other orders that are being
    processed. BUT you did ask nicely so i tracked it down found out it was
    addressed wrong and did get it back in the system and it is going out
    tomorrow (9/12) to the corrected address. sorry it took this long but like i said
    it is a time consuming task to do that. I assure you those that are done
    right from the beginning go very smoothly. think about it the last thing
    we want is to be fooling around with 1 order this long, emailing back and
    forth and sending it out twice, once to the wrong address and then again
    to the right address, if that were the case on all the orders we would be
    losing money. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.
    thank you

    As you can see their “customer service” dept is very poorly mannered and indecent. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. It’s been nothing but a nightmare from the beginning and we’ve received no results. I have sent them an email everyday since Sept 19 requesting a refund, but they have not responded. $50.00 is a lot to spend on a gag gift of which we were so eagerly waiting for its arrival. So it’s even more frustrating to have gone through the headache I have with them and still see no results. They give no contact information on their website except through the comment section, which only allows you to send a email to an unnamed recipient. There is no company address or phone number listed. So it has been difficult to report them as a scam company.
    It’s a great gag gift idea, but it turned out the gag was on me when they took the money and sent nothing.

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