Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Father Accused of Killing Daughter

‘A building superintendent in the Bronx with a history of mental illness strangled his 14-year-old daughter and tried to burn her body in the building’s incinerator, the police said on Saturday.

The man, identified as Miguel Matias, 34, told officers that he had lost his temper and killed his daughter because he found her sending instant messages to a boy, the police said. Her name was not released. [..]

Mr. Matias called 911 on Saturday about 10 a.m. to say that he had killed his daughter, the police said. He said he had put her body in the woods, but officers discovered the girl’s body on fire in the incinerator in the boiler room of the building, at 1005 Walton Avenue in the South Bronx, near Yankee Stadium, the police said.

The authorities said that Mr. Matias had been placed in an institution years ago after he poured gasoline in a car while he and two children were inside, including the 14-year-old whom he was accused of killing.’

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