Monday, June 16, 2008


Walt Bayes: Schools need separate bathrooms for gay students

‘Homosexual and heterosexual students should have separate bathrooms and showers in Idaho schools, a Wilder Republican running for the Idaho House said Friday.

Walt Bayes, who gained notoriety two years ago by going on an anti-abortion hunger strike that lasted 59 days, said he wasn’t sure how the issue could be handled other than providing different facilities for gay and straight students in schools.

The topic came up after Bayes mentioned it in his campaign literature, where he wrote, “It is absolutely wrong to force any student to share the same bathrooms and showers with homosexual teachers or students.”‘

2 Responses to “Walt Bayes: Schools need separate bathrooms for gay students”

  1. I hate Society Says:

    Fucking piece of shit homophobes, whats wrong with you people, just fucking keep to yourselves and leave everyone else alone
    On a further note, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF PREJUDICE, how do you people come up with this shit…Does your klan have meatings and you vote on what to hate???

  2. kenneth Says:

    I hate homophobes

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