Friday, August 1, 2008


‘He died because he was poor’

‘On the last day of his life, Dallas Carter sat down in his apartment and addressed a letter “TO Whom it my concert.”

He was not a good speller and he could not read well, but the 44-year-old father stitched together, on green construction paper, the last will and testament of a poor man. It ran three pages, 380 words, and it began with the formality of a legal document.

I, Dallas D. Carter, …

This was before the police arrived, before gunshots lit the night and the children fled apartment B28.

… buy the time you get this letter I will be gone or dead. it’s not a good letter. sometime people do dump thing I’m not really a bad person Just life gets away from me sometime …

Before that Saturday night, no one would have expected Dallas Carter to do what he did.’

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