Thursday, August 7, 2008


Fiend had ‘sex with 400 cows’

‘A twisted oddball with an insatiable animal fetish was arrested after allegedly having sex with 400 cows.

The 53-year-old cleaner told police he did not fancy women and only cows and horses got him randy.

Getulino Ferreira Paraizo said he chose the more tranquil animals before engaging in sex acts with them.

But police say it is even more bizarre.

They accuse him of torturing the animals, sometimes ripping out their eyes before having sex with them and then killing them.

Among the clues he left behind at every scene were empty packages of the same cookies.

Police found another packet on him when they arrested him.’

2 Responses to “Fiend had ‘sex with 400 cows’”

  1. joe peasent Says:

    This man is god.

  2. I hate society Says:

    No he is the cruel sex-centered kind of person that worsens the zoophiliacs already bad name

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