Wednesday, October 29, 2008


INTELLIGENT, cultured, 22y/o wm seeking Asian women (pref. Nihonese)

‘Hello ladies of the internet!

I am here today, as are you, to find the love of my life ideally. Now, I am an introspective and reflective man so over my life I’ve come to realise exactly what I’m looking for in my ideal woman.

Personally, I am 22 years old, my name is Perseus, I am attending U of T in the final year of my Engineering degree, and I am a little on the chubby side. I am a dedicated Green party voter and staunchly opposed to the Conversative hordes dashing themselves against the impregnable Liberal/NDP/Green keep of our fine enlightened city. I am fond of discussing philosophy and the meaning of life over a glass of wine in the ‘even. As hobbies go, I am an avid gamer and enjoy delving into the myriad artistic realities of animé (the origin of my affinity for Asian culture, which is frankly superior).’

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  1. Montie Darko Says:

    22 y/o M seeking Anime women who do not exist… maybe if he gets lucky he one of them contracts they are trying to get a law passed for in Japan where you can marry a comic book character… its silly I know but if I was married to say Storm in X-Men you could not marry her even jerk your willie to pictures of her until I die. That is if the law even passes.

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