Saturday, February 25, 2006


Limitless passion

`There are plenty of legendary sports tales about athletes playing through injury, but none match the local legend, Terra Linda High senior wrestler D.J. Saint James. [..]

“I grabbed the guy for a single-leg takedown and he flipped back and his foot hit me right between the legs,” Saint James remembered. “I wasn’t feeling to great. I thought I was just kicked and I’ll be all right. I wanted to finish the match and it was only after I walked off the mat that I knew it was more serious.”

A few hours later he found out just how serious.

“They told me I was getting surgery on my (testicles) and the nurse started to explain to my mom that if I died during surgery, she would be the one to come and tell them,” Saint James said. “That’s when I started to freak out.”‘

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