Monday, September 24, 2007


Elderly Couple Target Of Marijuana Robberies

‘Ernie Vesie says he needs his weed. He and his wife Roni have a legal prescription to use the medicinal marijuana. Ernie suffered a painful stroke, and Roni is recovering from major stomach surgery. The two say it eases their pain.

The Vessies grow the marijuana in their south Sacramento backyard. During happier times, a bumper crop blossomed and it was something Ernie’s became proud of. But, after three armed suspects forced their way into their home, the plants are now gone.

“He told me if I opened my mouth, he’d put a bullet in my head,” said Ernie.

It is the second time they’ve been robbed and it is believed to be the same three suspects. [..]

There is not much left of Ernie and Roni’s stash, so they’re smoking what they can.

“Breaks my heart they took all the good stuff,” said Ernie.’

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