Monday, May 30, 2005


Superman Is Gay

`A crackpot clergyman wants to ban all Superman comic books and movies – because he believes the Man of Steel is gay!

“We owe it to our children not to expose them to this kind of flamboyant character, flitting around in the air like Tinkerbell,” declares the Reverend Clay Blanblood. “Real men do NOT prance around in tights. Who knows how many homosexuals got their start from trying to imitate Superman?”

The Topeka-based minister says he reached his bizarre conclusion after pouring over hundreds of Superman comics, movies and TV shows dating back to the 1930s. [..]

* He is “overly chummy” with cute young cub reporter Jimmy Olsen.

* He often poses with his hands on his hips, “the traditional gay posture.”

* He has X-ray vision, yet never uses the power to look through women’s clothing, “the way any normal, red-blooded American man would,” according to the preacher.

* He’s often seen flying through the air carrying a man he’s just rescued – something Rev. Blanblood insists “no heterosexual male would be caught dead doing.” [..]

A leading comic book expert calls the preacher’s crusade against Superman “idiotic.”‘

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