Thursday, August 18, 2005


Secret Nuclear Fallout Shelters

It amusing what you can see with Google and MSN maps. 🙂

Mount Weather is where the US president will hide in the event of a nuclear war. [map]

“Site R” at Raven Rock is for the Pentagon. [map]

The Russians also have a big bunker at Mount Yamantau, but no one knows if it’s just a shelter or a hardened weapon production site. Well, except the Russians, I s’pose. 🙂 [map]

5 Responses to “Secret Nuclear Fallout Shelters”

  1. adin Says:

    queensbury new york aviation road looks like a little white hut… underground bomb shelter that my grandfather built for the government in the 60’s no one knows about it

  2. Joel Says:

    in response to ADIN’S post, my Grandfather also told me of this when i was young but i could never find anything more on it and my mother and I tried to find the entrance or fallout building placard but we never could i’m still very interested in it though i cant believe it took this long to find someone else who knows about it. If I remember correctly the entrance is near the mall and the shelter is rather large, and underneath the mall. I’d be very interested to hear what else you know of this.

  3. charles woodcock Says:

    I have heard of this place but have no clue of were it is. I’ve heard that it is behind the queensbury school but quite don’t know were could you give me directions.

  4. Peter Tennant Says:

    5 Fox Farm Road, Queensbury, NY

    I toured it as a Cub Scout in the 1960’s.

  5. Peter Tennant Says:

    5 fox farm road

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