Friday, November 11, 2005


Baby Review

`I met Tyler Hall last week. He was friendly and all, but Iím sorry, he was clearly told my name at least four times. Itís not like itís hard. “Hannah.” HA-nah. Not “Ha-Ha.” Whatís so funny? Somebody tell you a stupid knock-knock joke? Please.

I mean, sure, heís only 15 months, and yeah, I know he can barely walk, but am I supposed to just nod and smile like a fool while this brat BUTCHERS my name Ė right to my face no less? I think not. When it comes to my name, Iím like the French, OK? You say it wrong, and Iím gonna get majorly pissy until you say it right. Which is why if I had it to do all over again, yeah, I would still pinch his ear until he cried.’

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